Ex Wasps rugby player fatally stabbed after confronting man about spitting near home


A former Wasps rugby player has been stabbed to death after confronting a man about spitting.

Allan Isichei, 69, was allegedly knifed to death by Gurjeet Lall, 36, in Southall, west London, after leaving his local pub on August 24 last year.

The granddad had been married to his wife Sandra for 44 years before he was fatally stabbed near his £750,000, five-bedroom home.

The former rugby coach was captured on CCTV walking past Lall, who was leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette, jurors at Inner London Crown Court were told.

Prosecutor Anthony Orchard QC said: “As Gurjeet Lall walks off, words appear to have been exchanged.

“You’ll see this on CCTV, he makes movements as if to spit towards Mr Isichei, at this point he turned and stopped.”

Lall then used a knife to stab the victim several times, the prosecutor said.

After being attacked, Isichei staggered several metres along St Mary’s Avenue South in Southall, west London, using his fading strength to ring a neighbour’s doorbell before collapsing.

Today at Inner London Crown Court, members of the victim’s family were left in tears as they heard the statement of the man who heard his doorbell ring and rushed to help.

The granddad lay on his back on his doorstep while the neighbour’s wife used towels to stop the bleeding, the jury heard.

Reading the statement from Charanjit ‘Raj’ Grover, prosecutor Anthony Orchard QC said: “I heard my doorbell ring a number of times.

“I looked out of my window down at my driveway and couldn’t see anyone out front.

“I ran downstairs and found my neighbour, Allan, covered in blood lying on my doorstep.

“He replied ‘someone has stabbed me, don’t ask questions, call an ambulance, please’.

“I sat down next to Allan and tried to find where he was bleeding.

“His t-shirt was wet through with blood and was puled up over his stomach already. I could see that he had a deep wound in his stomach.

“I kept talking to Allan telling him everything was going to be ok.

“I took over from my wife and held the towels down over the wound.”

Reading another account from neighbour Charanya Anand, he said: “I think we all knew he had an injury to his stomach, but we didn’t know he had any other injuries.

“There was a lot of confusion as to how someone could have been stabbed in the middle of the day in the middle of the street.”

Earlier today the court heard how 35-year-old Lall had been prescribed schizophrenia medications but blood tests showed none in his system after his arrest.

Lall, of Ealing, west London, claims he acted in self-defence and denies murder.

The trial continues.